Appointments stop mini cruises.

Some serious effort goes to collecting water.

7th June 2021

Cala Tirant, Menorca – Puerto Pollença, Mallorca via Cala Algaiarens, Cala Blanca & Cala Son Saura, Menorca

What makes sailing a great lifestyle isn’t being able to spend time in shiny blue water, it’s also not about having the freedom to go where you like, when you like, or indeed having experiences that are far off the tourist trail*. What makes the sailing lifestyle so appealing are the people you meet, the shared experiences you have and the knowledge you can share.

Waking up to the sight of a bunch of naked Germans bumbling on their boat, with their dangly bits threatening to get caught in unspeakable places and their soft pearly white skin getting worryingly close to their hot decks, we decided to clear out and find yet another perfect bay. The next bay was however going to be beyond perfect.

The expanse of sand was huge, the water shone, trails littered the surrounding hillsides and as we hiked those hills we thought nothing could make it better. The hills gave up their secrets as we explored ancient burial chambers and wondered at the efforts that man goes to, to collect life sustaining water in this arid landscape.

The arid landscape was also taking its toll on us, but we knew that modern day man (through google maps) promised ice lollies, chilled lemonade and sweet treats at the halfway mark. What modern day man had failed to tell us was that the sustenance would only be available when the tourists returned and tourists were as rare as the rain.  The ice lolly treat would have to wait for another day.

Whilst we were out walking the anchorage had just got a little more perfect. Serenely nestling in the flat water was “Mojito”. Friends from Cartagena, friends from the OCC and friends as they had covered many of the same oceans that we had.

As Mojito were experienced cruisers, they had all the essential cruising kit, including, most important ‘non-competitive’ beach games. The game was a mixture of maths, throwing things and tiny bit of strategy. So, Iain being Iain turned this ‘non-competitive’ game into the most important game of strategy since Bobby Fischer played Spassky for the world chess title. **

With friendships still intact we cruised around the island with Mojito, weathering some bad weather, braving some wet rain, rolling in the rolliest of rolly anchorages and then finally sitting serenely in the bluest of blue waters.

As Ruffian and Mojito sat in the blue water we were able to explore ashore and had a lesson in the somewhat tumultuous history of Menorca. Walking the paths the near impenetrable rock bristled with gun emplacements. Every cove was covered, every indent was a kill zone and every outcrop was threatening. The shocking near history of the Spanish civil war was still alive and the scars inflicted on the land and its people were plain to see.

Our time with Mojito had to come to an end and with appointments in Mallorca calling we waved a sad farewell. The appointments are serious, the appointments could change our plans and the appointments do not make us happy, but these appointments are needed and these appointments are for our long-term wellbeing. Stay tuned to find out how we get on.

*Although these things clearly help.

** Editors note, Fi came second!***

*** Authors note, Fi was the first loser.

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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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