Whites and greens.

1st September 2021

Portimão, Portugal – Culatra, Portugal

A change of style – putting together personal prose is sometimes tough, so let’s be brief and share the main points.  We know you spend more time looking at the pictures anyway! 

  • Ruffian gets filled with food thanks to AliceMay’s car.
  • We say fond farewells to all our friends in Portimão. 
  • We finally leave Portimão after all the shoreside work and check everything works.
  • We start watching the weather for a proper trip offshore and it’s not looking good.
  • Culatra is as stunning as ever.
  • We get an SSB lesson from Cerulean.
  • Full of gusto Iain spends the day working with the SSB and kills it.
  • Our passage planning spreadsheet is getting out of hand.
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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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