Deserted desert islands.

Snorkel spot.

8th December 2022

Yansaladup, San Blas, Panama – Esnasdup, San Blas, Panama via Cambombia, San Blas, Panama

It’s another one of those blogs that is lacking prose, devoid of poetic rhythm and any creative writing skill. We’ve had to revert to the fun of bullet points.

  • Most prefect anchoring in the most perfect bays with nothing between us and Africa,
  • Great snorkelling at Dog Island after a really long dinghy ride.
  • Coral reef clean up. We pull cans and cans from the seabed.
  • Scary ‘unanchoring’. We pull up part of a wreck.
  • Most prefect beach at Cambombia. This is the San Blas everyone speaks about.
  • Just the most perfectly clear water over perfectly white sand.
  • We come to the realisation that deserted desert islands are pretty deserty and wholly deserted.
  • Christmas is nearby as we find a Christmas tree complete with flip flop ornaments.
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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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