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Feet up fast sailing.

13th December 2022

Esnasdup, San Blas, Panama – Linton Bay, Central Panama, Panama via Green Island, & Chichime, San Blas, Panama

Sailing, swimming and keeping Ruffian in tip top shape takes time. We sometimes have decisions to make and here we decided to get on with living and not writing.

  • So many fish at Green Island. Lots of them swimming and some on them on our plates.
  • Joined by Avanti. We’ve not seen them since Suriname.
  • We have a water maker leak. Fingers crossed we’ve found it and fixed it.
  • Lots of snorkelling. Lots of fishies. Lots of coral.
  • Heading west and into the busy stop at Chichime.
  • Why do people anchor so close and so late at night?
  • Great sail west and around the corner to Linton Bay.
  • Civilisation all around us. Streetlights, roads, cars, brick houses. All very different.
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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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