Escape from Paradise

Upwind. Who knew it could be fun.

29th April 2023

Cayo Largo, Cuba – Cayo Largo, Cuba via Rosario Islands, Cuba

Collisions, insurance, lawyers and stress have removed our blogging mojo and in the spirit of all this pain this is what happened before our world changed.

  • Dinghy safaris around the Cays, but everywhere we went we found water as warm as a bath and as blue as the sky.
  • We escaped from the mosquitoes of Cay Largo and sailed to the Rosario Islands.
  • Sailing upwind was a revelation. The cays removed the waves but we kept the wind.
  • We once again tried fishing and the fish were safe from our efforts.
  • The bugs got bigger and scarier the further from man we went.
  • The call of the internet made us return to Cayo Largo as we have emails to write, legal documents to sign and a flat to sell.
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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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