• Fixing the boat. Getting off the boat.
    6th April 2024 Atuona, Tahauku Bay, Hiva Oa, Marquises, French Polynesia The priorities after every ocean crossing are the same. Fix the boat and get off the boat. After 38 days at sea crossing the bulk of the mighty Pacific Ocean, these have been our priorities and we’ve done them both in spades. After nursing … Read more
  • Baited breath.
    1st April 2024 09 50S 122 28W – Atuona, Tahauku Bay, Hivea Oa, Marquises, French Polynesia Waiting with baited breath is usually considered a precursor to something fun and exciting. Sitting around the Christmas tree kiddies have baited breath waiting for their presents,while a groom has baited breath hoping his bride will turn up and … Read more
  • Screws and strands.
    21st March 2024 08 27S 100 13W – 09 50S 122 28W When Donald Crowhurst left on his ill fated voyage in the 1966 Golden Globe race he watched with trepidation as the screws slowly fell out of his windvane. If his windvane failed then his voyage would end in disaster. We have felt exactly … Read more
  • Follow the carrot.
    9th March 2024 02 05S 89 48W – 08 27S 100 13W On Blackpool beach vendors do a roaring trade by offering donkey rides. As one can imagine these donkeys are often not very willing participants in this enterprise and need coaxing along. Vendors (in Iain’s mind) have found the best way to coax them … Read more
  • Kindness, generosity and selflessness.
    3rd March 2024 00 00S 087 29W – 02 05S 89 48W The sailing community is small, caring, generous and selfless. In all our miles and years of cruising we have found this after being given rare Raymarine spares in times of need (thanks Honey Ryder) to clothing cast offs (thanks Serafina, Sauvage, Dina2) to … Read more
  • Decisions, decisions.
    1st March 2024 03_01 Playa Grande, Isla San Hose, Isla Pearlas, Panama – 00 00S 087 29W As a child you agonised over difficult decisions all the time. Would you have peas or beans with your fish fingers? Who was cooler, Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo? Is the Rally chopperor the Grifter the wheels to … Read more
  • Finally.
    24th February 2024 Isla Chapera, Las Pearlas, Panama – Playa Grande, Isla San Hose, Isla Pearlas, Panama via Playita, Panama We’re finally coming to the end of prepping for the Pacific and we have finally done the final things.
  • Ruffian Rally Rescue Rendezvous.
    7th February 2024 Isla Ampon (West), Las Perlas, Panama – Las Brisas, Panama via Isla Contadora & Isla Ampon (East), Las Pearlas, Panama We’re not big fans of boating rallies, but there is one rally we are fans of. The Ruffin Rally and for the fist time since Bonaire the Ruffian Rally with Sauvage was … Read more
  • Escaping the inferno.
    29th January 2024 Las Brisas, Panama – Isla Ampon (West), Las Perlas, Panama via Isla Taboga, Isla Contadora & Isla Chapera While Panama city is burning and making international news we head off to find fresh air and clean water.
  • Dr Who and his protective Tardis.
    21st January 2024 Rio Sucio (East), Darien River, Panama – Las Brisas, Panama Dr Who zips about through different worlds and time in his Tardis. The Tardis also has remarkable properties that it is small but has limitless storage capabilities, it highly functional while providing comfort for the Dr and his trusty companion and wards … Read more