• New fangled plastic.
    5th August 2023 Nanajuana Boat Yard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Lists are brilliant. You simply write down all your tasks and as one is completed it gets ticked off. Importantly, if a task is finished that is not on the list then it’s quickly added and then in a flurry of activity, ticked off. Our boat … Read more
  • ACME presents…..
    28th July 2023 Nanajuana Boat Yard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala. When Roadrunner tricks the masterful Wile E. Coyote into a tunnel the lucky critter can always see the light at the end. Unfortunately, as the cunning Roadrunner gives his cheerful ‘meep meep’, that light isn’t an escape to utopia, its an incoming freight train that pulverises … Read more
  • Non straight stainless straightening and slicing.
    20th July 2023 Nanajuana Boat Yard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala. In Cuba, not content with just harming our hull, the catamaran’s calamitous captain had also done untold damage to the stainless structures of Ruffian. The gantry* was bent into unholy angles, the footings deformed and the davits wibbled and wobbled. Now, under Arturo’s expert eye it … Read more
  • Fixing the frenchman’s fractures.
    13th July 2023 Shell Bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Nanajuana Boat Yard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Fixing fractures is never easy. It always involves a painful visit to a special place, immense amounts of suffering and expertise that is gained through years of training. These words could could be used equally for fixing people with broken … Read more
  • Rejuvenation, revitalisation and removing ravages.
    3rd July 2023 Shell bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Shell Bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala via San Filipe, Rio Dulce, Guatemala The Rio Dulce literally translates as ‘sweet water’ and this sweet water rejuvenates, revitalises and removes the ravages of the open ocean. The Rio Dulce has been true to its name as Ruffian has started … Read more
  • Business based jargon.
    11th June 2023 Cayo Quamodo, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Shell bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala In the corporate world we* used to spout such peals of wisdom as “Driving continual improvement processes enabling enhanced responsiveness, elevated efficiencies and heightened accountability’, we also had meeting after meeting and our diaries were crammed with appointments. Entering the Rio … Read more
  • Exam Questions.
    5th June 2023 Utila Town, Utila, Honduras – Cayo Quamodo, Rio Dulce, Guatemala via Tres Puntas, Graciosa and Tres Puntas, Guatemala When sitting an RYA Yachtmaster exam there is always a question about planning a voyage to get under a bridge and over a sandbar; and inevitably the tide around the bridge and sandbar will … Read more
  • Its all in the marketing.
    31st May 2023 French Cay, Roatan, Honduras – Utila Town, Utila, Honduras via West End, Roatan, Honduras Wandering into any tourist information centre you’ll be presented with marketing material showing experiences of every kind. There will be yoga on the beach, beer fuelled music festivals, welcoming local communities and aquatic excursions to name but a … Read more
  • ‘Bob the Builder’.
    25th May 2023 El Bight, Guanaja, Honduras – French Cay, Roatan, Honduras In houses around the UK when a little cartoon builder appeared on children’s TV while sporting a natty little yellow hard hat , a tool belt and dungarees every viewer got ready to sing their little hearts out. Bob the builder would be … Read more
  • Not all superheros wear capes.
    15th May 2023 Cayo Largo, Cuba – El Bight, Guanaja, Honduras via Bonacca, Guanaja, Honduras Most fictional superheroes blatantly show their superpowers. Spiderman, dresses in a spidery outfit, Superman shows his power with a flowing cape and ‘Super’ emblazoned on his chest, while the ubiquitously British Dangermouse, while understated, still advertises his status by driving … Read more