Ruffian Rally Rescue Rendezvous.

Hiding behind an island.

7th February 2024

Isla Ampon (West), Las Perlas, Panama – Las Brisas, Panama via Isla Contadora & Isla Ampon (East), Las Pearlas, Panama

We’re not big fans of boating rallies, but there is one rally we are fans of. The Ruffin Rally and for the fist time since Bonaire the Ruffian Rally with Sauvage was going to be in full effect.

  • We headed to the RRR (Ruffian Rally Rendezvous) while testing all our offshore kit.
  • Peter was deployed and actually steered us. Ampie was deployed and charged us. We’re almost feeling Pacific ready.
  • WM is super unhappy and we actually run out of water.
  • Sauvage arrive and the RRR starts. First order of business is filling our water tanks.
  • Bromance is rekindled. We hike the islands, explore ruins.
  • Iain takes to the watermaker. Yay slider valves look like they need a polish. All replaced and……. still no water.
  • Exploring with Sauvage and Halo. We visit an island where everyone is getting ready for some cockfighting.
  • The bays are alive with birds. So many they turn the sky black.
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Author: Iain & Fiona Lewis

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