• Shakedown. Breakdown.
    21st November 2023 Tres Puntas, Guatemala – Freetown, Providencia, Colombia via Utilia Town, Utila, Honduras The percieved wisdom is that after a yacht’s refit you should go thought a series of shakedown sails to iron out any problems, fix anything that is broken and confirm that all those months of hard work have resulted in … Read more
  • The great escape.
    10th November 2023 Shell Bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Tres Puntas, Guatemala via Cayo Quamodo & Livingston, Rio Dulce, Guatemala In the classic WWII film ‘The Great Escape’, all the detainees go to great lengths to ensure their successful escape from their POW camp. The inmates start by building 3 tunnels, they then don elaborate … Read more
  • 5 Minutes to 5 Weeks.
    5th November 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Shell Bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala We’re used to having 5 minute jobs turning into long winded science projects. What we are not used to is a job that should take 5 hours taking 5 weeks. After weeks at Ram we finally get our rigging changed and … Read more
  • Supply chains
    28th October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala Global supply chains are complicated amazing things. The logistics to pull them together are mind boggling and it doesn’t take much for them to go wrong. We have experienced the supply chain in nature working perfectly, the supply chain through the cruisers network working perfectly, the supply … Read more
  • Birdwatching and bull watching.
    21st October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala Magpies are attracted to shiny new things. They’ll peck and steal anything they see that pique’s their interest and then take it home with them. If Magpies were native to Guatemala then we would have been fighting off flocks of the beasts, as once again Ruffian has … Read more
  • Silver linings.
    16th October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala Apparently, every cloud has a silver lining, and at the moment in our world, there is a pretty big cloud. In the thick of our latest disaster we have found a silver lining, which if we’d not found it, could have spelt disaster for Ruffian in the … Read more
  • Lockdown. Again?
    12th October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala Silent roads, conspiracy theories, a population under control, food shortages, empty shelves, uncertainly. This was the situation all over the globe at the height of Covid in the spring of 2020 and its now the situation in Guatemala. This time however, the country isn’t locking down due … Read more
  • Caller please wait.
    8th October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala As you hang on the phone listening to painful muzak you are told that ‘This call is important to us’, closely followed by ‘We are currently experiencing high call volumes’. As you sit there you can see your life disappearing in front of you and your time … Read more
  • Inner emotions; traumatic thoughts.
    1st October 2023 RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala Waterfalls, huge vistas, sunsets, culture; these are all hugely photogenic. Inner emotions, traumatic thoughts, emails, contracts, damage reports; these cannot be captured through the lens of a camera. After the chaos of our mast crashing down, RAM’s clear negligence and our lives being derailed there have been … Read more
  • Annus Horribilis.
    22nd September 2023 Shell Bay, Rio Dulce, Guatemala – RAM Boatyard, Rio Dulce, Guatemala In a famous speech in 1992 Queen Elizabeth II coined the phase ‘annus horribilis’. She’d had an truly awful year with scandals, divorces and a burning palace marring her year. None of these were her fault and all had a huge … Read more