• Its all in the marketing.
    31st May 2023 French Cay, Roatan, Honduras – Utila Town, Utila, Honduras via West End, Roatan, Honduras Wandering into any tourist information centre you’ll be presented with marketing material showing experiences of every kind. There will be yoga on the beach, beer fuelled music festivals, welcoming local communities and aquatic excursions to name but a … Read more
  • ‘Bob the Builder’.
    25th May 2023 El Bight, Guanaja, Honduras – French Cay, Roatan, Honduras In houses around the UK when a little cartoon builder appeared on children’s TV while sporting a natty little yellow hard hat , a tool belt and dungarees every viewer got ready to sing their little hearts out. Bob the builder would be … Read more
  • Not all superheros wear capes.
    15th May 2023 Cayo Largo, Cuba – El Bight, Guanaja, Honduras via Bonacca, Guanaja, Honduras Most fictional superheroes blatantly show their superpowers. Spiderman, dresses in a spidery outfit, Superman shows his power with a flowing cape and ‘Super’ emblazoned on his chest, while the ubiquitously British Dangermouse, while understated, still advertises his status by driving … Read more
  • Dreamlike to nightmare.
    6th May 2023 Cayo Largo, Cuba Did you have sweet dreams last night? Did you dream happy thoughts with cute bunnies and Squirrel Nutkin frolicking in the grass? The scene could very quickly change from one of contentment to horror with the simple addition of a wolf that starts chomping on the little bunnies and … Read more
  • Escape from Paradise
    29th April 2023 Cayo Largo, Cuba – Cayo Largo, Cuba via Rosario Islands, Cuba Collisions, insurance, lawyers and stress have removed our blogging mojo and in the spirit of all this pain this is what happened before our world changed.
  • Area 51.
    25th April 2023 Cienfuegos, Cuba – Cayo Largo, Cuba We escape the city and sail to a place thats out of bounds to all Cubans. A different world from the bustling cities of Cuba. Water glows all around us. Wildlife ashore. Total absence of local people. This is for tourists only. Wildlife offshore. Wildlife trying … Read more
  • Sugar valley
    19th April 2023 Havana, Cuba – Cienfuegos, Cuba via Trinidad & Topes Del Colantes, Cuba Economies ebb and flow with global trends and global standards. Those trends and standards can lead to boom years where people and lands are exploited resulting in untold riches and then standards change and those same people and lands are … Read more
  • A tale of 2 cities.
    14th April 2023 Cienfeugos, Cuba – Havana, Cuba ‘A Tale of 2 cities’ begins: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of … Read more
  • Time Travelling.
    7th April 2023 Cienfuegos, Cuba The march of time is relentless and, according to particle physicists, it only ever moves forward. Coming to Cuba we have a country where time has stood still, while on Ruffian we have moved between different epochs having changed from BWM* to AWM**. We had arrived in Cuba armed with … Read more
  • Tales of the unexpected.
    2nd April 2023 Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Cienfuegos, Cuba via Bonnies Arch, Grand Cayman In the 80’s in the UK naughty little kids* waited up for the ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ on the TV. There was always a twist, and sometimes the twist was that, there was no twist.    Our first twist without a … Read more